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About Us - Futuremod Studios

About Us


In 1999, John LeVan started Futuremod as a solo art project. Over the course of the first few years, Futuremod grew into a successful wedding photography business. Futuremod was shutdown after 13 years of wedding and event photography due to a devastating studio robbery. After a few years of recovery and time off, Futuremod is back. Instead of focusing on photography, Futuremod is aligning itself to focus on event services and media, primarily film and cinema.


Business Card
Futuremod is currently reforming as an event media services business, focusing on video and cinema for special events such as weddings, receptions, birthdays, parties, and etc. Futuremod is coming back as a team of accomplished cinematographers, photographers, computer programmers, and a whole slew of awesome people.

Team Members


Audrey Audrey is the brains of the operation. Having multiple degrees in Theater Performance and Theater Communication, she is extremely adept at coordinating and organizing all the rest of the team. Audrey is also a very versatile artist, having a passion for painting, theater, acting, and singing.


Jerome Rapley III
Jerome is the mastermind behind the Futuremod Studios Music Video team. Jerome is amazingly talented and has a keen eye for cinematography. Jerome is also the producer and cinematographer of Run and Gun Visuals in Oklahoma City.


Jeffrey Jeffrey is a fun loving and light-spirited film student of Oklahoma City Community College. Jeffrey has been a member of Sanctuary Pictures, Idea Internetainment, and has performed as director and cinematographer on many short films. Jeffrey brings an absurdly high level of technical knowledge, as well as a keen eye for most dramatic and cinematic imagery to the team.


John John is the original proprietor of Futuremod Studios and has been passionate about photography since 1999. Recently John has begun his journey into the art of film making and is bringing that passion to the world of weddings and events, seeking to offer the highest quality and professional services to discerning brides or anyone else seeking the highest quality cinematography.


With an artistic eye and passion for all things makeup, Katie Gardner brings you an extraordinary and unique experience. She is a free lance artist who has worked in the Cosmetic industry for over four years; obtaining an Demonstrators License and attended regional company training for both BareMinerals and Estée Lauder. She provides custom fit solutions to skin concerns and strives to create a collaborated final look. She aims to make each person feel comfortable in their own skin and is confident in her ability to enhance every persons natural beauty.


Zak Zak is our grandmaster film editor. Zak has written and directed multiple short films and is the creator of Idea Internetainment. Zak uses his vast knowledge to edit and create the final masterpiece films and videos that we present to our wedding and event clients.