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Frequently Asked Questions - Futuremod Studios

Frequently Asked Questions



Wedding FAQ’s

In the most simple form, yes. We use a variety of cameras to cover multiple angles and get unique shots at the same time. We do not use the same camera brand for every shot because different cameras are made for different things. You wouldn’t want your entire wedding filmed on a GoPro camera, but we do use a GoPro to get certain angles that a full size Blackmagic Cinema Camera cannot.

Cameras we currently use include –

  • Canon dSLRs
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • GoPro
  • Panasonic Lumix

We also have an entire assortment of assistance equipment that we use to gain the perfect shots. This line up includes –

  • DJI Ronin gimbals
  • Quadcopter / Drone for aerial footage
  • Slider
  • Steadycam / Glidecam
  • Tripod / Monopod

Our main line up consists of 2 cinematographers and 1 editor. The 2 cinematographers spend their time focusing on getting all the great footage required by the editor to produce the best video possible. If the situation arises and we feel that we need more camera operators, we have plenty of backup to bring in. Due to the nature of a Same Day Wedding Video, having more than 2 cinematographers can be overwhelming. For each 1 minute of video filmed, the editor has to work approximately 3 minutes to edit that video. That means if we have 2 cinematographers capturing footage for 30 minutes, we have around 3 hours of editing time required. We really like to focus on the important shots that help us produce the best product possible.

Another benefit to having 2 cinematographers is that we can cover both the bride and groom preparation time. This allows us to get more intricate and touching moments with each of the bridal party such as reading a letter to each other, funny moments, make up and hair being done, etc. Every moment of your wedding is to be cherished and we will not neglect a single one.

We generally post our end products to YouTube.

Our goal is to present a 2-3 minute Same Day Wedding Film during the reception. In addition, we strive to produce a longer version within two weeks of the wedding. Generally this long video is finished within a week, but it really depends on the workload.

We do bring minimal lighting to aid where needed. We generally try to utilize natural lighting as much as possible, and most of the time, altering the lighting of an entire wedding is a really big ordeal. When we do set up shots of the bride reading a letter or getting prepaired, or a still life such as the wedding rings, we will use extra lighting.

We require a 50% deposit, 25% of which is refundable – eligibility requires a written notification of date change or cancellation 90 days prior to your wedding date.

We absolutely do! Sometimes there are valuable moments to be captured at rehearsals, and it’s a good opportunity to scope out the venue and decorations and get some extra footage.

Having great audio is a requirement for a great video. We use high quality microphones – wireless lav mics on the bride and groom, wireless mics on the podium or minister, and other sources of recording anywhere we can – during the ceremony, as well as capture audio from the main sound board (musicians, readings, singers, etc). During the reception we use on-camera microphones to capture live sound and a seperate audio recorder to capture everything coming out of the DJ’s mixing board (toasts, announcements, music, etc).

We require a 50% deposit, 25% of which is refundable – eligibility requires a written notification of date change or cancellation 90 days prior to your wedding date.

Payment in full is due no less than 14 days prior to the wedding day.

Generally we will use royalty free music that we have obtained the copyright release for. Using music for a video that we do not have a copyright release for limits your ability to share that video to personal use only and can cause you potentially serious repercussions legally. We spend a significant portion of time researching and looking for the perfect music for you as a couple and obtaining a copyright release for the music we use in your video is an included cost (within reason). If you wish to use music that we cannot obtain a copyright release for, we will not be able to share that video online without stripping the music from it. We will still deliver your video on physical media – either DVD or usb thumb drive – but you will not legally be able to share it. Regardless of whether or not you let us choose the music for you, or if you have a specific choice in mind, we want your video to be uniquely representative of you.